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About Shir Hadash

Shir Hadash is a Synagogue, Educational Institute and Israel Advocacy Center dedicated to:

1) Inspiring Jewish identity through study and action that is joyous, passionate about ethics and inspired with hesed; 2) Encouraging the love and respect of every Jew and the pursuit of Jewish unity; and 3) The rebuilding of Israel, physically and spiritually, so that the Jewish people may best fulfill our universal mission of improving the world.
Who We Serve

Our Core Constituency Includes:

JERUSALEM RESIDENTS -- Established citizens, New Olim, Young Families, Singles, all of whom have made Jerusalem their home and whose presence in the city strengthens its vibrancy and diversity.

MISSIONS, DELEGATIONS AND TOUR GROUPS -- Birthright Participants, Teen Tours, Day School Trips, Jewish Professionals, Synagogue Missions, Delegations of Non-Jewish Political, Religious, Educational and Civic Leaders. By strengthening their connection to Israel, Shir Hadash endeavors to strengthens Israel.

OVERSEAS VISITORS -- First time tourists, recurrent visitors, students participating in long term study abroad programs: People transformed by their Israel experience and in turn go on to transform Jewish lives and communities everywhere.

Our Location

Our activities take place in:

Beit Natan, a building dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Joseph (JJ) Greenberg - נתן יוסף הכהן. Situated on a newly built road -- #1 Yakov Rubin Street (next to Graetz Street) -- our building overlooks the beautiful "Moon Grove" on the border of the German Colony and Talbiya, and is located in the heart of Jerusalem's English speaking population, close to the hotel district, and in the middle of the city’s premier cultural landmarks. In short, it is perfectly suited to enable Shir Hadash to fulfill its mission of impacting the entire Jewish world.
And on a farm just outside of Rosh Pina in Israel's north. Here, we operate the Jonathan Pear Farm, also known as our PE'AH (P-ositive E-ducation through A-griculture in our H-omeland) Program. This farm is worked by Shir Hadash members, Israeli high school volunteers and overseas visitors participating in our educational programs. Its goals are several-fold, including: strengthening our connection to the land, strengthening the connection of young Jews to their heritage, and promoting the values of the Torah’s agricultural mitzvot such as food justice, Jewish environmentalism and the link between physical and spiritual development.
And on Emek Refaim Street (#47), inside the Achim Hasid buildings graciously lent to Shir Hadash for our satellite Shabbat minyan known as Shir Hadash on Emek. This branch was launched in September 2016 to serve the many young families living in neighborhoods a little too far to reach our main center on Shabbat, and quickly flourished, attracting hundreds of participants from across Jerusalem to enjoy a spirited dovening, meaningful Torah learning, a warm community environment and an extensive youth program.

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Our History

Shir Hadash was founded by Rabbi Ian and Dr. Rachel Pear in the fall 2000. It's first center -- initially in a community center, then a "Cursed Building" and ultimately a bomb shelter -- was in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot. In 2003 the Pear's opened a second Shir Hadash in the German Colony when an illegal gambling hall was raided by the police and became available for rent. Since then Shir Hadash has met in a school gym, a former Yeshiva building and most recently the social hall of a nearby Synagogue.
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