Shir Hadash’s Gannenot are a mix of English and Hebrew speaking expert educators of young children.

Chaya Kluwgant: Older Class English Speaking Gannenet: 058-412-312

  • Chaya, originally from Melbourne Australia, is a passionate Early Childhood Educator with more than 10 years of experience.  She has taught in Australia, America and now in Israel for a number of years.  Chaya’s specialty is to connect with each child and help them develop their own individual strengths.

Racheli Brown: Older Class Hebrew Speaking Gannenet: 052-666-4831

  • Racheli, a resident of beautiful Moshav Beit Meir just outside of Jerusalem, is married to Roi and the mother of four childlren.  Previously she managed a private gan, and then went on shlichut for the Jewish Agency to Mexico City.  She has been the Hebrew speaking gannenet at Shir Hadash for more than ten years, during which time she has loved our children, greeted them with a huge smile daily and stood in wonder at the amazing world the children experience.

Susan Terespolsky: Younger Class English Speaking Gannenet: 055-986-2313

  • An Olah Hadasha of 2 and 1/2 years, Susan hails from London where she worked as a Kindergarten teacher at Lubavitch of Edgware for 12 years.  Married with four children, Susan has a certificate in Early Years Care and Child Education, as well as training in pediatric first aid and CPR, child protection and supporting children with special education needs.

: Younger Class English Speaking Gannenet