Gabba'im / Hospitality Coordinator / Teachers / Kiddush Committee

The warmth and vibrancy of Shir Hadash’s Synagogue Community is thanks to a number of volunteers who dedicate countless hours and their boundless energy to not just the improvement of our local community but to all of Israel in general.  Some key volunteers – and their contact information in case you need to reach them – are:

GABBA’IM: Need an aliya? Have a yahrzeit and wish to have Keil Maleh Rachamim recited? Celebrating a simcha and want to share it with the community on Shabbat?  Maybe you wish to lein a particular parsha or can read maftir and don’t know how to volunteer to offer.  Our gabba’im can help you with all these matters.

     Yonah Engel (Weekday Gabbai):  [email protected]

  Heskel Balas (Shabbat Gabbai): [email protected]

     Zev Stub (Shabbat Gabbai): [email protected]


HOSPITALITY: Are you new to the community and interested in being hosted for a Shabbat meal?  Or perhaps you are interested in hosting visitors?  Peta Pellach, our hospitality coordinator, fields requests from guests each week and then sends them out to a dedicated list of potential hosts.  To request a meal, or to join the list of hosts, e-mail Peta at [email protected].


TEACHERS: Each Shabbat morning, prior to Shacharit commencing, an warm and welcoming exploration of the weekly parsha takes place, with each week the class being led by a different teacher.  These scholarly and erudite volunteers include:

  • Chaya Passow is an life-long educator – most recently at Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya – who has taught courses in a variety of venues throughout Jerusalem.  Her specialty are the teachings of the Slonimer Rebbe, known as the Netivot Shalom.


  • Peta Pellach joined Shir Hadash when she came on Aliyah ten years ago from Australia, where she had a long career in Jewish Education. During her time in Israel as a Jerusalem Fellow, she had the privilege of studying with Nehama Leibowitz, who was the most important influence on her teaching and values. She currently holds a number of professional and teaching positions, including Director of Educational Activities for the Elijah Interfaith Institute, an international forum for dialogue between religious leaders and scholars. She is a competitive Scrabble player and an Israeli folk­dance enthusiast and, most importantly, mother and grandmother.


  • Rabbi Aaron David Poston is the Director of Education and Events for YIBONEH – JERUSALEM.  Previously, Rabbi Poston directed Aish HaTorah’s Jerusalem Fellowships Program for over 10 years.  He received rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Noah Weinberg as well as from HaRav Avroham Kupshitz. Rabbi Poston came to Eretz Yisrael in 1988 and is married to Bina Sujanani and has 6 children.


  • Rabbi Robert Rhodes is a popular teacher of chassidut and Bible in and around Jerusalem with a unique ability to explain things in plain English. He is a graduate of Jews’ College, London and a musmach of Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS). Robert was a congregational rabbi in America and Canada for twenty years. He came  on aliya seven years ago with his wife and one out of two adult children and now lives in Mekor Chayim.  Rabbi Rhodes, in addition to offering his keen insights on the Parsha, also volunteer coordinates much of our adult educational efforts.


KIDDUSH: Following services each and every Shabbat is a wonderful and extensive kiddush sponsored by a different member of the community each week.  Partnering with our sponsor are the volunteers who labor to prepare the kiddush and beautifully present it each Shabbat.  For these efforts – and the fellowship it helps to facilitate amongst all of us – Shir Hadash is deeply indebted to Laurie Tamres Maderer, Rachel Alexander, Chaya Passow, Dr. Lois Feinerman, Ruth Hirsch and many others.