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Gan Yeladim

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Making a Big Investment in Little Kids

Emek Branch

Our dynamic and growing Shabbat Satellite Minyan

PE'AH Program

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Work, Learn and Grow on our Jonathan Pear Farm

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Supporting Jewish Innovation and Entrepreneurship
מה חדש בשיר חדש

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Shir Hadash is a vision of Judaism dedicated to:

Inspiring Jewish identity through study and action that is joyous, passionate about ethics and inspired with hesed;

Encouraging the love and respect of every Jew and the pursuit of Jewish unity;

The rebuilding of Israel, physically and spiritually, so that the Jewish people may best fulfill our universal mission of improving the world.

Some of the manifestations of this vision can be found in the programs highlighted above.

Our Locations

Shir Hadash activities take place in Beit Natan, our new building dedicated to the memory of JJ (נתן יוסף) Greenberg, located at #1 Yakov Rubin Street, overlooking the beautiful “Moon Grove” Parkland on the border of the German Colony and Talbiya neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Located in the heart of Jerusalem’s English speaking population, in close proximity to hotels, and nestled amidst the city’s premier cultural landmarks, this site is perfectly suited to enable Shir Hadash to fulfill its mission of impacting the entire Jewish world.

Additional activities take place in our Jonathan Pear Educational farm just outside of Rosh Pina in Israel’s North, as well as at our Shir Hadash on Emek branch located inside the Ahim Hasid building at Emek Refaim #47.  Our newest facility, open in August 2022, is our Hospitality House – an apartment to host overseas’ visitors – located nearby to our main center.

Populations Served

JERUSALEM RESIDENTS: Established citizens and new Olim alike

GROUPS: Birthright, Teen Tours, Jewish Professionals, Synagogue Missions, Delegations of Political, Clergy & Civic Leaders  By strengthening their connection to Israel, Shir Hadash strengthens Israel.

OVERSEAS INDIVIDUALS: Tourists, recurrent visitors, students. People transformed by their Israel experience who go on to transform Jewish lives and communities wherever they go.

Celebrating Judaism

All Shir Hadash programs share a common thread: They celebrate Judaism – and in particular, Torah, the Jewish people and Israel. Our goal is two-fold: First, to elevate ‘traditional’ activities commonly found in Jewish communal life – like Torah classes – so that they not merely transmit information but rather transform lives. Second, alongside these traditional activities, Shir Hadash also endeavors to create innovative programming that is not so commonly found in today’s Jewish organizational life. Combining these efforts together, Shir Hadash hopes to leverage our unique position in Jerusalem, the center of the Jewish world, to impact the entire Jewish world.

Rabbi Haim (Ian) Pear

Founder, Rabbi and Director

Educational Institute

Book Launch

University Students

Visiting from Australia

Gan Shir Hadash

Model early childhood Education

Have You Read?

``The Accidental Zionist`` by Rabbi Pear

“A passionate argument for why Israel matters” sure “to inspire a new generation of Jews.” Jewish News of Phoenix

“A refreshing twist” perfectly suited “for an audience of modern sensibility … brilliant … charming.” The Jerusalem Post

from the Rabbi

Our goal – to make Jews of every background feel welcome in our community and feel empowered to grow as individuals, as Jews and as human beingsRabbi Ian PearRabbi & Educator

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