Shir Hadash is a Synagogue, Educational Institute and Israel Advocacy Center dedicated to:

Inspiring Jewish identity through study and action that is joyous, passionate about ethics and inspired with hesed; Encouraging the love and respect of every Jew and the pursuit of Jewish unity; The rebuilding of Israel, physically and spiritually, so that the Jewish people may best fulfill our universal mission of improving the world.
Rabbi Haim (Ian) Pear

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The strength of our community is directly related to the strength of the connection between our members. Staying up to date on what's new in the lives of your Shir Hadash friends -- who may have just given birth or is celebrating a simcha, or God forbid who is ill or might have suffered a loss in the family - is thus an essential element in building our shared community.

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Celebrate or commemorate a special event on Shabbat mornings, by sponsoring the Kiddush after davening!
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Have You Read?

``The Accidental Zionist`` by Rabbi Pear

“A passionate argument for why Israel matters” sure “to inspire a new generation of Jews.” Jewish News of Phoenix

“A refreshing twist” perfectly suited “for an audience of modern sensibility … brilliant … charming.” The Jerusalem Post

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Our goal – to make Jews of every background feel welcome in our community and feel empowered to grow as individuals, as Jews and as human beingsRabbi Ian PearRabbi & Educator

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