Parents Handbook and Calendar


Welcome to Gan Shir Hadash!  We are looking forward to a new year filled with fun and learning – and of course safety.  As we prepare for the coming year, we would like to keep you informed of some important dates, policies, and pieces of information.

Dates to keep in mind

Sunday, August 30th: Open House (in small groups) for Older Class

Monday, August 31st: Open House (in small groups) for Younger Class

Regarding these open houses, you will receive further notice from the gannenot about the exact time for you and your child to arrive.  PLEASE NOTE: Due to Corona, only one parent should accompany the child to both the open house and/or first day of gan, not two.

Tuesday, September 1st: Gan Begins Phased Transition Period

Older Class Schedule: September 1st from 8 – 10 AM; September 2 from 8 AM – 12 PM; September 3 from 8 AM – 1 PM; Friday, September 4 from 8 AM – 12 PM (regular hours); Sunday, September 6 Full Day 8 – 4 Begins.

Younger Class Schedule: September 1st from 8 – 10 AM; September 2 from 8 – 11 AM; September 3 from 8 AM – 12 PM; Friday, September 4 from 8 AM – 12 PM; Sunday, September 6 from 8 – 1 PM; Monday, September 7 Full Day 8 -4 Begins.

September 18 (Friday) – September 20 (Sunday): Rosh Hashana, No Gan

September 27 (Sunday) – September 28 (Monday): Yom Kipur, No Gan

October 2 (Friday) – October 11 (Sunday, Isru Chag): Sukkot Vacation (Return Monday October 12)

December 16 (Wednesday) – December 18 (Friday): Chanuka Vacation (Return Sunday, December 21)

February 26 (Friday) – Sunday (February 28): Purim & Shushan Purim, No Gan

March 23 (Tuesday) – April 4 (Sunday, Isru Chag): Pesach Vacation (Return Monday, April 5)

April 14 (Wednesday): Yom HaZikaron, Early Dismissal at 1 PM

April 15 (Thursday): Yom Ha’atzmeut, No Gan

May 10 (Monday): Yom Yerushalayim, Early Dismissal at 2 PM

May 16 (Sunday) – May 18 (Tuesday): Shavuot Vacation (Return Wednesday May 19)

July 18 (Sunday): Tisha B’av (No Gan)

August 11 (Wednesday): Last Day of Gan

*There will also be no gan on the day of the Jerusalem Marathon (not yet scheduled)

**Please note that we have created this schedule to be as accommodating as possible given everyone’s work responsibilities.  However, please be prepared during the first two weeks for possible disruptions, including the need for us to be in touch with you often in the event your child is having a hard time adjusting; in some instances, you might be needed to stay with your child a little longer at drop off or pick him/her up earlier than the official ending time. 


Beginning in a new childcare setting is a big step in the growth of your child.  Learning to be a part of a group, sharing toys and space, and most importantly, separating, are all challenging goals for your young child.  Therefore, a person, parent or caregiver, should be prepared to stay with him/her until he/she becomes acquainted with the new people and surroundings.

While you are here please try to encourage your child to try a toy or project.  Take cues from your child- if he/she wants you to remain close, it is okay, and if they are involved, it is a sign that you can leave.  Remember, each child is different and might adjust at a different pace. Upon leaving, always say goodbye to the child and teacher, and reinforce to him/her that you will return.  Be on time when picking up.


Gan begins Sunday through Friday at 8:00AM.  Before that time, teachers are busy setting up the rooms and preparing for the day.  Please do not bring them into the classrooms earlier, as the teachers cannot give the child the attention that s/he needs.  For those who need due to work responsibilities, early drop-off at 7:45 AM is permitted.

School ends at 13:00 Sunday – Thursday and on Fridays at 12:00.  The Tzaharon finishes at 16:00.Please be punctual when picking up your child.

For safety reasons we will only release your child to you.  If you wish your child to be released to someone else, please inform your child’s teacher.  Children will not be released unless a call or letter is received.


1. A healthy snack should be sent in a labelled container in your child’s backpack every day. This snack should be dairy or parve.

2. A water bottle or sippy cup

3. 2 full sets of extra seasonably appropriate change of clothes. All items should be clearly labelled. (clothes, undergarments, sun hat, and bedding) Should any of these items be brought home during the course of the year, please send a replacement.

4. One package of wipes will be requested to be brought in at the first of the month every month

5. Diapers and Diaper cream (if needed)

6. 5 photos of your child (you might not get these returned)

7. A box of tissues

8. A bottle of hand soap (with a pump)

9. A bottle of alcogel (with pump)

10. A smock (a T-shirt for art) REMINDER: Paint might not come out of your child’s clothing, so dress them in clothing that might become ruined!!



  • REMINDER: Please visit your local Tipat Chalav to make sure that your child’s vaccinations are up to date!  In signing this parent’s handbook (below) you are affirming that your child has been vaccinated.


IN GENERAL: Each day before you send your child to school, make sure s/he is not showing symptoms of communicable disease.  If you bring your child to school when s/he is sick, you will be asked to take your child home.  We must do this to protect everyone’s health, staff and children alike.  We will not administer medicine.

Keep your child at home if s/he is displaying the following symptoms:

Severe coughing or trouble breathing

Conjunctivitis (pink eye)

Unusual spots or rashes

Infected skin patches

Unusual behaviour

Sore throat


Swellings, rash or suspicious sores


Red or runny eyes (symptoms of conjunctivitis)

Severe cold symptoms: yellow mucus discharge from nose or frequent coughing

Diarrhoea (This spreads very quickly and easily)

Fever (Keep your child home for a full 24 hours after fever before resuming full activity at school)

Lice (Please keep child at home until all lice or nits are pulled out)

PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILD OUT OF GAN FOR 24 hours after temperature, vomiting or diarrhoea so as to not to infect other children.

When a child becomes sick at school: A staff member will call you or your emergency contact and you will be required to take your child home.

IN CORONA TIMES: In addition to the above regulations that are always in operation at our gan, we have added the following guidelines for participation in our gan during the current Corona situation (a situation we assume will be relevant for a good portion of this coming year).

Upon arriving at gan, and prior to entering the outside gate, wearing masks is absolutely required for all parents and visitors (from age 5 and up).

Before your child enters his/her classroom each morning, hands must be cleansed with alcogel.  If a parent accompanies their child inside the building, the parent’s hands must be similarly cleansed.

During Corona, any child with fever, breathing problems or a persistent cough must remain at home for 2 school days following the cessation of these symptoms.

All parents (and other older children in the home who may have smartphones) are to download the “HaMagen” app which notifies the user if he or she ever comes in contact with a confirmed Corona patient.  If this app notifies you (or anyone in your family), please contact us immediately to determine if additional steps must be followed.

If anyone in your home is required to quarantine by the Health Ministry for 14 days, your gan child must remain at home for 7 days even if the child him or herself is not mandated by law to quarantine. 

If anyone in your home is required (or opts) to test for Corona, your child must remain home until after the results come back negative for this test (and in the case when the person is required to take a second test — after the results return for this latter test).


Concerns about your child should be directed to the teacher(s) of each respective class.  As the gannenot are tending to your children during the course of the day, unless it is an emergency, please refrain from contacting them until after gan hours.

If you feel your concern has not been adequately addressed, you may then be in touch with the Director. 

Questions about financial matters should be addressed to the Director as a first resort.


We are delighted to celebrate your child’s birthday at school.  Our experience has shown us that children enjoy simplicity.  Discuss the party with the teacher in advance so we can schedule accordingly.  We make the cake and card, and you bring a present for your child’s class and classmates. 


Except for transitional objects, which are kept in the child’s cubby, no toys should be brought to school.  Teachers cannot be responsible for broken or lost objects.


The following are financial and work policies which all parents with children at Gan Shir Hadash should be made aware of:

  • Tuition for 2020-21 is 2600 NIS per month (for the full program) and 2100 NIS for the morning only option.  Full tuition is required for each month, including August (which is a shortened schedule), even if your child does not participate in a portion or even the entirety of that month (except for Corona related absences – see Corona policy below).
  • 12 Post-dated checks for the 2020-21 school year – dated the first of the month and made out to Shir Hadash — should be delivered to the gan no later than Monday, August 3rd.  Horaat Keva for 12 months is also acceptable; simply copy the confirmation of the horaat keva and forward to [email protected].
  • Olim Hadashim who do not yet have Israeli bank accounts should be in touch in order to determine how to best fulfil the above requirement.
  • If you need to withdraw your child from the program anytime (and for any reason) after August 2, the following penalties will apply:
  • Until the start of the year – September 1 – one full month of tuition will be charged.
  • If you exit the program anytime from September 1 through December 1, two additional months of tuition will be charged following your leaving the program.
  • If you exit the program anytime after December 1, four additional months of tuition will be charged following your leaving of the program.
  • In all of the above instances, if you are able to provide a reasonable replacement to take your child’s space, only an administrative fee of 500 NIS will be charged for leaving the program.

If your child remains past 16:00 for pickup there will be a 50 NIS charge. 

These policies are created for the wellbeing of the program.  This is necessary for the school to function, pay its bills, and hire staff.

If you do not wish to participate in the full tzaharon option, you may participate in it partially in the following ways:

  • Reserve a space for the same day each week (every Monday for example) for a fee of 125 NIS per month.  Two days would b 250 NIS and three days 375 NIS.  The cost for four days is already the same for 5 days.
  • A one-off emergency tzaharon option is available on any given day for a cost of 50 NIS per day.  To reserve this option, you must be in touch with the tzaharon teacher no later than 9 AM on the day the tzaharon is requested.


Operating the gan during Corona times is challenging not only from a health point of view, but also from a financial one.  If our experience over the past few months is an indication, we will be presented with a variety of additional costs over the coming months as a result of this pandemic.

For this reason, we have created the following policies which we believe protect the gan program’s financial integrity, which in turn will also ensure its successful operation for your benefit.  Whenever possible, we will try to absorb the additional financial costs without burdening you, the parents.  When this is not possible, we will do our best to share the burden with you in a fair and equitable way.  Towards that end:

1)         If the entire educational system is closed after the start of any particular month, full tuition will be collected for that month as usual.  If the educational system remains closed beyond the end of that particular month and into subsequent months, tuition will be collected as follows: a) If the gan is closed for a full month, only 10% of tuition will be collected for that month; b) if the gan is closed for less than a full month, we will collect the full pro-rated amount for the time during which gan is in operation, plus 25% for the time gan is not in operation.

2)         If a child is voluntarily withdrawn from the program by his/her parents, but the gan is still in operation, and neither the gan nor the government requires the child to be absent, full tuition will be charged for this child as usual.

3)         If, however, it is the gan or the government that requests the child be absent, then tuition during that mandated time is 50% refundable.

We understand that when we sign this agreement, we agree to accept the rules and regulations of Gan Shir Hadash, as stated in this handbook.

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