1. Our Gan Yeladim is closed (a modified program may be instituted for children of essential workers).
  2. All Shabbat Minyanim are cancelled.
  3. Daily Minyan will continue with a maximum of 10 men outside and 5 men outside. If you wish to sign up for this minyan, please do so here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uR9sXfyeJ2rhEa68lMvjX-pMKWkjrK-AdRcwBpyS8DU/edit?usp=sharing Please Note: If you reserve a space and do not use it (without notifying us with a legitimate explanation), thereby preventing someone else from participating, we will remove your name from this list going forward.
  4. The daf yomi is limited to ten people only and will meet outside only. To reserve your spot, please see minyan registration above.