Halachik Considerations Over Shabbat During War

Phones on shabbat- guidelines (From Rabbi Tanchum Gold)

  1. Every home should have one cellphone on. Preferably this phone should be in the ממד to be
    used in case of an emergency .
  2. In general, there is no reason to carry a cellphone while walking outside. Any important
    urgent messages will be announced via sirens or speakers.
  3. One should not check his phone to see the news or check WhatsApp
  4. People on call or on duty or anyone who may be needed to be called up are allowed to carry
    their phone with them.
  5. Anyone whose child or spouse is serving in the army and calls on Shabbat, it is permitted to
    answer the phone and to speak to them. Mental resilience is an important factor in maintaining
    the ability to serve. (Rav Rimon adds: The phone should be answered in a way different than usual).
  6. If someone thinks their child or spouse may call and is worried about missing it, they may
    prepare the phone before shabbat and put it in a bag/purse together with something non￾muktze (candy, Tehilim book) and carry the bag with them. Only answer when the phone
    rings, not to check messages.
  7. If someone for some reason knows he will be unable to hear the sirens, he may carry his phone
    in a bag like mentioned above.

Additional Considerations (from Rav Tzvi Rimon):

1) You may leave the radio on ‘quiet’ stations that will interrupt the silence if and when there is emergency information you must have: 90.8, 90.5, 92.5, 100.7.

2) If there is an alarm while in shul, we will immediately cease tephilla wherever we are and walk quietly to the bomb shelter.

3) Re: Tevila, it is preferable to litvol at the right time, even if one’s husband is not at home. If there is pressure, it can be delayed, but not too long, as there might always be surprises. Intimacy is permitted even during times of war.