Consistent with the Talmudic statement אין בית מדרש בלי חידוש (every Beit Midrash should possess some type of innovation), Shir Hadash not only offers a plethora of traditional classes (as can be found in our ongoing weekly and Shabbat schedule as well the Shir Hadash Community wide Beit Midrash) but also a variety of novel learning opportunities — such as our partnership with the unique Yeshiva program, the Kemach Institute, the Unity and Ethics Beit Midrash programs, our Rabbinic Hesed Fellowships, Cinema Shir Hadash and New Song Publishers.

Shir Hadash also provides special lectures, seminars and custom designed learning programs for scores of visiting groups such as overseas’ Synagogue and Federation missions, Birthright groups, Teen Tours and camps, and Delegations of various political/communal/academic/business leaders.  Additionally, Shir Hadash has ongoing educational relationships with the B’nai Akiva and Hineini Youth movements.

Whatever the form, the mission is the same: To touch the heart as well as the soul, stimulate the mind, and enrich the spiritual, communal and moral life of the individual student and the world at large.