Each year thousands of olim hadashim – new immigrants – choose to live in Jerusalem as part of their Zionist return home …

… But then, unfortunately for Jerusalem, many of these same immigrants choose a different home elsewhere in Israel (and some, of course, return to their country of origin).  According to surveys, one of the most prominent reasons for this emigration from Jerusalem is the feeling that it lacks a sense of community.

Through a myriad of activities – including singles’ events, cultural and musical celebrations, holiday meals and parties, volunteer opportunities, our Hesed Fellowship Program (one of the first cohorts is pictured  left) and Hesed Central, networking, tiyulim, as well as of course our highly regarded bi-lingual Early Childhood Center (a program dedicated to ensuring a successful absorption into Jerusalem of not only the children of olim, but indeed their entire family), — Shir Hadash endeavors to fill this void and create a vibrant, warm and caring community.  By helping to facilitate the connections between various oleh populations, Shir Hadash hopes to deepen everyone’s connection to Jerusalem.

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